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Somewhere between Chick Lit and Women’s Fiction...
Yeah, that’s our sweet spot! 



What is Still-a-Frog? Think Hallmark Channel meets the more scandalous moments of Bridgerton. Or, kind of like if When Harry Met Sally and Squid Game had a baby...because that just might be the perfect way to describe how love can sometimes feel. Maybe, it's the equivalent of Cher teaching a Sex Ed. class at an all girl's high school wearing her iconic "If I Could Turn Back Time" outfit. You get the picture...

The podcast features 8-10 minute romance memoir shorts (turned into chick lit and recorded in studio by professional voice actors) - all from women who have real-life tales to tell. You'll laugh, you'll cry, you'll come to realize "OMG that actually happened to someone else too!" In the Still-a-Frogverse, you are definitely not alone. 

s.a.f. stories.

These are just a few of the romance memoir shorts that we've received and recorded from women eager to share their stories of dating success and love gone wrong...sometimes horribly wrong! 

This is women getting real about what dating and relationships truly look like...

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write for

Ever envision yourself as a published author? Want to share your story with the world (or with the several thousand users we currently have)?

Time to unleash your inner writer! S.A.F. stories come from aspiring authors with entertaining tales to tell. 

From dating fails to online hookup nightmares to those rom-com worthy meet-cutes, we want to hear it all!

If we use your story (or you can also send just an outline), we will pay you for the rights. Your story will then be recorded by one of our voice actors and become part of the Still-a-Frog library for all eternity. A bona fide professional writing credit for your resume and a chance to have thousands of S.A.F. listeners hear your take on love and relationships. Contact us for more info on submitting your story.



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Heart Girl

Any profound insights on true love, dating in a digital world, or disastrous relationships? We'd love to hear them!


Just feel like chatting because, well, let's face it, it's better than whatever you're supposed to be doing at work right now...

Can you think of a clever "X" meets "Y" analogy for Still-a-Frog? Do share! 

We'd love to hear from you...(Really, we would!)

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